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My properties are in areas typically undergoing urban renewal. We have consistent strategy to upgrade the houses and improve the neighborhoods we are in. We are looking for tenants that want to help be part of our mission.

My houses are far better than apartments and usually much better than other houses and usually much cheaper for a higher quality and bigger property. However you should be aware many of the areas we invest in are neighborhoods that are undergoing urban renewal. I refinish all houses to top quality, and do historical renovation where it is possible, and where such rennovation in a historical manner is consistent with improved energy efficiency. We always put in high efficiency heaters and applicances, and upgrade insulation and windows as we fix houses.

If you would like to know more about my philosophy of Environmental Sustainability and Urban Revitalization click here.

Rental Applications:

Send Rental Application to my email:, fax to 517-999-4250, or drop off at 1800 N Grand River Ave, Lansing MI 48906

Information You Should Read:

The properties that are listed as available now are first come first serve. We do not hold properties for more than a couple of weeks.

Credit Requirements:

Our houses are far better and less expensive that comparitive houses in the areas that they are in. We give you a better property for less money. However, to keep costs low and also to ensure our properties stay in good condition, we must have good tenants that pay rent on time, and are going to help keep things clean, orderly and tidy.

All evaluations of renters are made upon various factors combined together, however, these are generally are our minimum standards:

Schedule to See the Houses:

Prior to scheduling to see a house, please carefully review our frequently asked questions, and look at the pictures. Please feel free to drive by them and make sure they are likely to work for you. Please call our number for special appointments.

314 Barnes House: Wednesday at 5:30-5:50pm on Fridays and 2:00-2:20pm on Saturdays.

Chicago Street properties: During the week of 04-10-16 to 04-16-16, workers will be there from 9am-4pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Workers are there most weekdays 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday Through Friday, at the center two units (809, and 811) please knock on the door and they will show you 805 or the other available units.

Haslett House for sale: Most weekdays and weekends. We live near the house now, and can stop by most of the time to show it to you.



Contact Information:

Please review information on the website prior to calling:

Information on Houses For Rent and Sale:


  312 & 314 W Barnes Street, Lansing
  • 314 W Barnes is Available for rent $1150!
  • Very Large, Historical Quality, fully refinished hardwood house.
  • Two units, Side by Side, it is a very private duplex.
  • Currently Rented: 314 W Barnes - 4 Bedroom, 3 full Bathroom - already rented
  • 3 or more parking spots are available per unit
  • Click here for more information and pictures
  805, 807, 809, 811, 813, 815 Chicago Ave
  • 805 Chicago is available now
  • 809, and 811 is under rennovation, available in April / May 2016.
  • 807, 813, 815 are rented.
  • $800 plus utilities
  • Three Bedrooms, 1 full bathroom and one half bathroom. All new stainless steel appliances.
  • Near Old Town, School for the Blind area.
  • Click here for video tour!
  • Click here for more information and pictures

    813-813 1/2 North Verlinden Street, Lansing

    • All Rented
    • Two Bedrooms, one bathroom. Laundry included. Large Storage Area in Basement
    • Gas utilities included in price, heat will be set to 70 degrees. Electricity and water is your fee.
    • No Pets allowed in Property!
    • Click here for more information and pictures and a video tour.
      6215 W Lake St, Haslett
    • Property is for sale at $105,000.
    • Haslett Schools!
    • We do not accept any land contract sales or lease to own sales.
    • 4 Bedroom, One Bath
    • Lake Access to Lake Lansing
    • Large Size: 1300+ Square Feet single family home
    • Full 2 Car Garage
    • Click here for more information and pictures
      325-327 North Butler Blvd, Lansing


    1011 Princeton, Lansing

    • All Rented not available.
    • Three Bedrooms, 2 bathroom
    • Near Old Town, accross from Comstock Park
    • Two car garage
    • Directly Accross from Comstock Park
    • Click here for more information and pictures & video
      1611 Herbert Street, Lansing

      1015 & 1017 W Ionia Street, Lansing
    • All rented!
    • Two units, an Upstairs and Downstairs Unit
    • Each unit has two bedrooms and one bathroom
    • Large Size: 1040 Square Feet Each Unit
    • 2 or more parking spots are available per unit
    • Click here for more information and pictures
    Picture Coming Soon!  

    612 614 W Genesee Lansing

    • 612 is Rented!
    • 614 is Rented!
    • Two Bedrooms, one bathroom. Laundry included. Large Storage Area in Basement
    • New 95% Furnace
    • New water heater
    • New appliances
    • New windows
    • Click here for more information and pictures
      1410 West Saginaw Street, East Lansing
    • Rented
    • Click here for more information and pictures
    • Big 4 bedroom House, 2 full baths.
    • Licensed for a maximum 2 persons unrelated - this means it is generally not a higher density student property.
    Picture coming soon!   306 E Madison, Lansing, MI
    Picture coming soon!   1327 W Shiawassee Currently under major rennovation. Expected to be for sale in late Summer 2016.


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    I am looking to buy houses

    I am looking to buy more houses, rehab them to historical condition, and fix them up. Please contact me if you have a house that you would like to sell. I will buy cash, land contract, foreclosure, or short sale, and have the flexibility to do what you need to do to get a a deal done. I usually buy houses in the Lansing Metro Area.


    Getting Broadband and Phone Service

    If you are looking for great phone service, broadband service, and bundled service check out They are also starting to build fiber services to buildings too. I work there, and they have good deals on Internet and Phone.  During business hours you can contact Cammile Rivers at 517-999-3201 and she will hook you up!

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